SAP ERP Software Review

SAP ERP Human Capital Management

Supports organizations throughout the world increase performance with an efficient, committed, and motivated workforce.
With integrated building blocks and an unmatched partner ecosystem, the solution supports shared services and business process outsourcing – reducing cost and risk for these deployment models.

End-user service delivery
* Enables the delivery of ERP services together with business content to the entire organization and beyond.
* Gives end-users multiple options to access ERP services, depending on their situation, their preferences, and the business context.

Talent management
* Gives organizations the power to support people during every phase of their employment – from recruitment through training, development, and retention. Lets companies find the right people, put their talent to best use, align employee goals with corporate goals, maximize the impact of training, and retain top performers.
* Supports and integrates all talent management processes – so companies can attract, acquire, educate, and develop talent; identify and grow future leaders; and align and motivate talent with corporate objectives.

Workforce process management
* Streamlines and integrates essential workforce processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management, benefits, payroll, and legal reporting.
* Lets organizations standardize and consolidate all workforce-related processes and data onto a single platform, while ensuring adherence to local regulations and laws.
* Solution is built on a global platform customized for country-specific legal compliance and best practices.

Workforce deployment
* Gives companies the power to deploy the right people with the right skills to the right positions at the right time.
* Lets organizations create project teams based on skills and availability, monitor progress on projects, track time, and analyze results for strategic decision making.

* The first joint product for use with Microsoft Office and SAP.
* Specific human capital management functions are available as extensions to Microsoft Office.

SAP ERP Financials

* The SAP ERP Financials solution is a comprehensive financial management solution engineered for the most complex, multinational companies across a broad range of industries.
* SAP ERP Financials enables companies to thrive in a business environment characterized by intensified competition, uncertain market conditions, and increased regulatory oversight.
* A seamlessly integrated solution, SAP ERP Financials combines core accounting and reporting capabilities with financial supply chain, treasury, compliance, and performance management applications. These applications help customers streamline finance business processes, reduce operating costs, manage risk, ensure compliance, and provide robust and timely business insight.
* SAP ERP Financials simultaneously supports global financial reporting standards, multiple currencies, and languages with over 45 country-specific versions. The solution powers the highest-performing finance organizations in the world.

SAP ERP Operations

* For many organizations, the SAP ERP Operations solution has become the software backbone that contributes to excellent performance supporting end-to-end operational processes in all key areas: procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service.
* With SAP ERP Operations, customers can realize smoother day-to-day operations, maximize profitability, free up resources and budget so that they can invest more in innovation.
* SAP ERP Operations automates and streamlines processes with greater adaptability, increases productivity in operations with a role-based solution and centralized information, and improves operations performance with strategic business insight.

SAP Manufacturing

* Powerful software that integrates manufacturing with your other operations.
* Coordinates operations with partners and suppliers.
* Institutionalizes lean and Six Sigma processes and monitor production to drive continuous improvement.
* Improves employee productivity and creates a high-quality work environment.
* Plans, schedules, sequences, executes, and monitors all your manufacturing processes – to achieve higher profits and marketplace wins.

SAP Supply Chain Management Solutions

* Integrates collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply chain network.
* Synchronizes supply with demand and replenishes inventory and executes production based on demand.
* Senses and responds with an adaptive supply chain network and real-time planning processes.
* Networkwide visiblity and analytics allowing you to monitor and analyze all facets of your supply chain.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM)

* Provides strategic value through sustainable cost savings, contract compliance, and quick time-to-value.
* Equips customers with tools to optimize procurement operations and drive superior results through an end-to-end source-to-pay process.
* Activities such as spend analysis, category management, requisitioning, sourcing, operational contracts, invoicing, and supplier management are part of an integrated platform.