PerfectSoftware ERP Software Review

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, PerfectSoftware empowers Human Resource and Payroll professionals with customer driven solutions that help them recruit, develop, pay and retain key employees.

PerfectSoftware is a recognized technological leader for comprehensive and flexible management of human assets and capital. The company’s software allows companies to make informed decisions about their businesses based on real time information. The software solution suite runs the gamut of Payroll, Human Resources, Applicant Tracking, Time & Attendance, Benefit Election & Enrollment, Salary Planning & Administration, Position Control, Alerts, Employee Self Service, COBRA management and Ad Hoc Reporting.

PerfectSoftware focuses on middle-market companies and provides its customers with unique features that provide key benefits toward corporate objectives. The solutions help the HR and Payroll Professionals position the human capital of the company in such a way that revenue and expenses are directly impacted through positive results. Even though the company has worked with over 600 companies it still takes a small business and personalized approach with each of its clients.

PerfectSoftware has been providing high quality solutions for over twenty years, and continues to provide a financially stable, profitable company that is dedicated to providing world class products and customer service to help in its client’s success.

The driving force in PerfectSoftware product development has been ease of use and customer need. The company maintains a suggestion database for all of its products and updates the software accordingly. Since 1989 PerfectSoftware has added new features and even new products based on the changing requirements of its clients and changes in the business environment.

PerfectSoftware’s mission statement is to improve the lives and business success of its customers and partners by providing high quality products and services. They are dedicated to providing easy to use, highly functional products at value-based prices.