Aplicor ERP Software Review

Based in the United States with international offices in the United Kingdom and Costa Rica, Aplicor is a global software publisher of subscription-based and hosted CRM and ERP web-based software solutions for high growth, mid-market and enterprise organizations.

The CRM software application includes Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Partner Relationship Management (PRM). The CRM application improves marketing effectiveness, increases sales win rates, grows customer share and decreases customer churn. The on-demand accounting software and ERP software application provide full back office financial accounting, distribution, project accounting, human resources, payroll, manufacturing and multiple currency management.

Aplicor’s “Online Accounting” was the first online financial system capable of meeting the business needs of high-growth, mid-market and enterprise organizations. The Online ERP suite consists of fourteen integrated back-office software modules and excels over any other online, on-demand or web-based financial system in achieving the benefits of ease-of-use, staff productivity and business intelligence.

In addition to award winning ease of use, the company’s business applications distinguish themselves by providing a unique and fundamental shifts from data management to business process automation, from static reporting to Business Intelligence (BI), and from a one-size-fits-all shared hosting platform to an isolated tenancy hosting model which includes System Autonomy.

Since 1999, Aplicor has pioneered easy-to-use and feature rich CRM & ERP accessibility at a price point that continues to be the most aggressive in the industry. Today, Aplicor is one of the top global software publishers of on-demand CRM and ERP software solutions. Aplicor is the most independently awarded hosted CRM & ERP software solution, has achieved the highest average user count in the hosting industry and has achieved a 100% uptime history since April 2003.