Kronos ERP Software Review

Kronos Incorporated empowers organizations around the world to effectively manage their workforce. Kronos is solely focused on delivering software and services that enable organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and ultimately enhance the level of service they provide.

Kronos serves customers in more than 50 countries through its network of offices, subsidiaries, and distributors. Widely recognized as a market and thought leader in managing the workforce, Kronos has unrivaled reach with more than 30 million people using a Kronos solution every day. Kronos products and services help organizations align their people, processes and technology to improve individual productivity and boost overall business performance.

Capitalizing on deep-rooted expertise honed over 25 years, Kronos empowers organizations worldwide to better manage their most valuable asset -their workforce, while streamlining a traditionally paper-intensive process.

Kronos offers a complete suite of applications that allows organizations of all sizes to plan, track and analyze labor data and transform that data into information that can improve workforce productivity and decrease labor expenses.

Kronos applications can accommodate the workforce management needs across all industries. Core functionality in the Kronos suite includes employee scheduling, absence management, time and labor, labor activities and analytics. Kronos offers Oracle customers an integrated solution and provides benefits by reducing labor costs, improving payroll accuracy, increasing visibility into labor expenditures, and optimizing staffing resources to ensure better customer service.

Looking ahead, Kronos seeks to continue building on its reputation as a market and thought leader in managing the workforce. The company looks to set the pace for how organizations manage the workforce by delivering innovative solutions that help employers anticipate and solve complex workforce-related issues.