Plex Online Software Review

Plex Systems looks to increase efficiency for manufacturers. Their cloud ERP and manufacturing software is designed to increase productivity while lowering overall costs. Plex Systems offers Plex Online, an ERP solution hosted in the cloud, and their continued innovation in this field makes them of the top manufacturing and ERP solutions for small to large enterprises. Plex Systems has received numerous awards for their continued success in the workplace and their innovations in many industries such as Food and Logistics.

Plex Online is a robust cloud ERP solution that supports every aspect of your enterprise manufacturing operations. Plex Online provides CRM tools to improve the entire order and sales process for manufacturers, tools to monitor the manufacturing supply chain, and over 350 other functional modules to streamline your processes from shop floor control to quality management to accounting.

Plex Online is built on a cloud-based platform that provides users with a cost-effective way to manage their manufacturing enterprise, available 24/7 though any web browser. Plex Online also has built-in integrated technologies that include mobile access, bar coding, wireless networking, PLC integration, direct part marking, gauge interface, automated notifications, touchscreens, CAD integration, Visio integration, direct faxing and emailing, RFID, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.