ASC Software ERP Software Review

Since 1989, ASC has been providing best-of-breed supply chain solutions for warehousing and manufacturing operations to many global and mid-market sized manufacturers/distributors/third-party logistics providers. Our collective years of experience in auto-ID technologies, software development with advanced workflow optimization, and “point-of-activity” mobile devices, has produced an array of full-featured software solutions that are powerful, flexible, easy to use, and most importantly -affordable.

ASC’s philosophy has always been to use a common sense approach to systems engineering coupled with the right technology for the job. By using this methodology, ASC provides customers with affordable, easy-to-use tools for managing complex situations. In fact, experience has shown that by strategically implementing tracking solutions, operational efficiency can increase from 70% to 100%, and accuracy from 65% to 99.99%.

ASC’s flagship product is a Microsoft Windows based Warehouse Management System which can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with your existing legacy or accounting software. ASCTrac WMS was engineered from the ground up for advanced “point-of-activity” work flows, insuring complete and accurate processing of all warehouse and manufacturing transactions. This design provides real-time visibility of all transactions, prevents errors from happening, directs workflow based on that data, and transfers the pertinent inventory and transactional information to other systems - connecting the dots of your supply chain.