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The Visible Supply Chain

Today's supply chain is, of course, the primary processing mechanism of every manufacturing company. But it's more than that: Its multifaceted, multicompany, multinational structure makes it the most complex management challenge found in any enterprise.

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6 Steps to ERP Implementation Success

Like a civil engineering endeavor or sizable construction project, implementing an enterprise-wide application like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help run your business is a costly and complex process. And just as would be the case with any significant undertaking, success is not a given.

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The Impact of Microsoft.NET on the ERP Market

A low rumble is emanating from Microsoft about its new .NET initiative. The volume is rising. Have you heard it? You will. .NET (pronounced "Dot Net") will be ringing in our ears by fall 2001 when the first .NET software is officially released and Microsoft brings its marketing machine up to full power.

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Maximizing Performance and Profitability in Billable Services Organizations

This NetSuite White Paper explores the business processes underpinning companies that derive their revenue from the provision of services - whether they are standalone service-providing businesses or parts of a larger organization.

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