Oracle ERP Software Review

Oracle Supply Chain Management

Demantra Demand Driven Planning
* Allows you to sense, plan for, and proactively respond to demand by sharing a one-number plan that aligns your organization across departments and users.
* Model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products, or model new products or newer versions of existing products.
* Provides the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management
* These software modules promote revenue growth and cost reduction by improving fulfillment rates, allowing better asset and capacity utilization and expanding market dominance while reducing inventory, shrinking lead times, and achieving overall cost-of-goods improvements.
* JD Edwards Supply Chain Management is part of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne family of applications.

JD Edwards World Manufacturing Management
* Single, integrated source of information, that allows you to concurrently manage process, discrete, repetitive, remanufacture, and to-order manufacturing modes.
* Flexibility to adapt as your business grows and changes.
* Consolidated system eliminates redundant data, increases data accuracy, and allows quick access to HCM data.

Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management
* Integrates and automates all key supply chain processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment, providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power information-driven value chains.
* Companies can anticipate market requirements and risks, adapt and innovate to respond to volatile market conditions, and align operations across global networks.
* A unified data model provides a single, accurate view of a customer’s entire supply chain. Companies can implement lean, demand driven principles and manage their increasingly complex, global supply chains.

Oracle Service Optimization Suite
* The Oracle Service Optimization Suite (OSO) features a best-of-breed, modular, configurable design that allows customers to choose the right components that meet their unique business requirements.
* The highly configurable nature of OSO enables it to be deployed in a broad range of supply chain sectors such as Home Delivery, Field Service and Facilities Management.
* From capacity planning, through vehicle, technician and customer scheduling, to dispatch management and mobile operations, Oracle Service Optimization Suite can help customers take their service delivery business to the next level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Oracle Transportation Management
* Delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers.
* Integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multi-leg air, ocean, and rail shipments.
* Lowers transportation costs, improves customer service and asset utilization, and provides flexible, global fulfillment options.

Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing
* Family of applications enabling you to optimize production capacity, from raw materials through final product.
* Data model which provides a single, accurate view of your manufacturing process.
* Helps you speed up implementation, optimize performance, streamline support, and maximize return on your investment.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management
* Provides a cohesive yet flexible solution for the synchronized supply chain, driving efficiencies in cost savings over the entire supply chain—including plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes.
* PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management is a family of applications in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise product suite.
* Extends a company’s supply chain in real time by connecting suppliers and customers with company business processes.
* Provides integrated spend management for all categories of goods and services.
* Delivers embedded analytics to monitor supply chain performance and adjust as conditions and business goals shift.

Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle E-Business Suite Human Resources Management System
* Part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, integrating with other E-Business Suite applications, including Financials and Projects enabling you to implement one or several application families.
* Improve workforce excellence with programs designed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the workforce and the ability to manage locally or globally.
* Includes key enhancements such as global transfers, checklists, and an uplifted user interface including more efficient flows for absence and salary administration.

JD Edwards World Human Capital Management
* Streamlines business processes associated with managing your workforce allowing you to improve data accuracy, reduce costs, and deliver the information needed to make critical business decisions.
* Affordable HCM solution that requires no dedicated IT staff or other hidden expenses.

PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM
* Supports growth and improves business results with streamlined best practice HR business processes.
* Offers more flexible and configurable products that will enable organizations to tailor applications to business needs.
* Enables you to put the right people in the right jobs, develop and reward top performers, retain key talent for the long term, and increase efficiency and operating performance throughout your organization.

Oracle Workforce Scheduling
* Accurately forecast and schedule workers to meet both customer service and cost objectives.
* Optimize staffing schedules to improve customer satisfaction, drive sales and reduce operating costs.
* Produce a weekly labor schedule in minutes rather than several days, providing managers with more time to spend with customers.
* Staffing schedules based upon peak periods can lead to increased customer satisfaction.
* Track key performance indicators to provide visibility into the status of revenue, scheduling and staff productivity.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Capital Management
* Suite of integrated, collaborative applications designed to help streamline HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications.
* Supports business processes beyond the HR department, automatically updating work orders, accounts payable, and equipment maintenance records with time and employee data.

Oracle Financial Management Solutions

E-Business Suite Financials
* Meets global financial reporting and tax requirements with one accounting, tax, banking and payments model.
* Makes it easy to operate shared services across businesses and regions.
* Delivers pre-integrated financial and industry-specific processes.
* Includes: Asset Lifecycle Management, Cash & Treasury Management, Credit-to-Cash, Financial Control & Reporting, Financial Analytics, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Procure-to-Pay, Travel & Expense Management.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management

* Gain visibility into business-critical information.
* Strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices.

* Realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key business processes.
* Includes: Asset Lifecycle Management, Financial Analytics, Financial Management, Profitability Management for Financial Services, Treasury, Government Portal.

Governace, Risk & Compliance
* Simplify GRC and reduce costs by managing multiple regulatory requirements with one enterprise GRC platform.
* Safeguard brand and reputation through information reliability and data protection.
* Transform uncertainty into opportunity with visibility to key risk and performance indicators.
* Includes: IT GRC Management, Information Protection and Privacy, Enterprise Configuration and Change Management, Policy and Process Management, Enterprise Control Management, Integrated Financial and Compliance Analytics, Green Compliance.

Hyperion Performance Management

* Modular suite of integrated applications that support strategic and financial performance management processes.
* Delivers predictable results, improves transparency and compliance, and increases business alignment.
* Leverage Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation and Oracle Fusion Middleware.
* MS Office interface built for use by end-users.
* Includes: Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Capital Asset Planning, Hyperion Workforce Planning, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Hyperion Data Relationship Management, Oracle Integrated Operational Planning, Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management.

Oracle Procurement Applications

Oracle E-Business Suite Advanced Procurement
* Best-in-class procurement modules with packaged integration.
* On-demand or on-premise deployment options.
* Reduce spending on goods and services.
* Streamlines procure-to-pay processes.
* Drives policy compliance.
* Includes: Business Intelligence, iProcurement, iSupplier Portal, Sourcing, Supplier Network, Procurement Contracts, Purchasing, Services Procurement, Sourcing.

JD Edwards World Distribution Management and Supplier Self-Service
* Built for the IBM iSeries.
* Ideal for midsize businesses.
* Extreme reliability – greater than 99% software quality and 99.7% system availability.
* Includes: Advanced Pricing, Bulk Stock Management, Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Requirements Planning, Sales Order Management, Self Service for Customers, Self Service for Vendors, Warehouse Management.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Supplier Relationship Management
* Tight integration with other PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.
* On-demand or on-premises deployment options.
* Full integration between Procurement with HR.
* Includes: Catalog Management, Collaborative Supply Management, eProcurement, eSupplier Connection, Purchasing, Services Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Contract Management, Supplier Rating System, Supply Chain Warehouse.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Management
* Optimize supplier relationships – direct and indirect goods and services.
* Reinforce procurement best practices.
* Enables lean procurement processes.
* Aggregate spend for improved purchasing power.
* Includes: Agreement Management, Buyer Workspace, Operational Sourcing, Procurement and Subcontract Management, Product Variants, Requisition Self Service, Supplier Release Scheduling, Supplier Self Service.