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The Impact of Microsoft.NET on the ERP Market

A low rumble is emanating from Microsoft about its new .NET initiative. The volume is rising. Have you heard it? You will. .NET (pronounced "Dot Net") will be ringing in our ears by fall 2001 when the first .NET software is officially released and Microsoft brings its marketing machine up to full power.

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Why .NET Technology is Important for ERP

The release of Microsoft's landmark technology called .NET ("dot net") posed an unprecedented challenge for all ERP companies. While the public has only recently become aware of Microsoft .NET, among ERP software vendors the key strategic decisions about how to apply .NET occurred back in 2000.

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Project-Oriented Manufacturing: "How to Resolve the Critical Business Issues That Impact Organizational Competitiveness"

Identify and discuss the unique and critical business issues with which an Engineer-To-Order (ETO) or

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Implementing Lean Manufacturing Principles in an A&D Environment

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy, enabled and supported by various techniques, to eliminate any form of non-value adding activity. With terms like "lot size of one", "continuous flow", and "pull production", lean manufacturing has primarily been associated with the factory floors of short run, repetitive manufacturers.

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Implementing Kanban Alternatives in Lean Manufacturing

Many people equate Lean manufacturing with the use of kanbans: physical or visual signals that trigger replenishment. While kanban use is indeed a part of many Lean programs, it is not the only solution for triggering the movement of material.

White Paper Consona ERP Software Review