Is it Safe to Use Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud systems are a hackers dream. The services and applications of these sorts of solutions have new vulnerabilities compared to traditional network platforms. Nothing is more private and valuable than your company’s finances. It’s no surprise that you want to keep your organization’s private financial information, as well as your clients’ financial information close. This has been the constant battle for cloud accounting software vendors and for companies like yours seeking more efficient accounting platforms. Is cloud accounting software the best move?

The Threats to Cloud Accounting Software

As providers are responsible for distributing large amounts of data, the burden of collateral damage arrives on their plate. This not only affects the initial customer but all the other customers on that same infrastructure. To prevent DDoS attacks, companies looking at a cloud-based solution must ask the tough questions. Any vendor you might be considering to handle all of your financial matters must offer some form of integrity and security. The implementation of fool-proof firewalls is also a must if you want to consider cloud accounting software.

How are Vendors Securing Cloud Accounting Software?

Compliance doesn’t mean security and most firewalls won’t keep a good hacker from accessing your cloud accounting software. However, vendors are getting smarter than their malicious counterparts and are addressing those issues. Cloud accounting software has increased applications and is gaining popularity as one of the safest alternatives to financial databases. Making the switch to cloud accounting software is likely to be a hard sell for your C-level executives, but it could also be a practical and more reliable choice.

Cloud Accounting Software Eliminates the Need for a CPA

There is no need to be an accountant to use cloud accounting software. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways for any size business to track finances and even work on tax returns. Financial products have outgrown the traditional formats and leaves businesses more advance technological options. Cloud-based solutions are a growing trend. It’s no wonder cloud accounting software is taking shape.

Cloud Accounting Software has the Potential to be Great

Cloud accounting software is unlike traditional platforms that lock enterprises into a standard system. The cloud-based solution offers you the ability to be more flexible and comfortable with changes because of the aggressive agility of various applications. The cloud accounting software is hosted for entities like yours, eliminating the worry of deploying systems on-premise. Flexibility will be the greatest asset for financial cloud systems. As companies grow their applications can grow with them. It’s a big enticement.

Convincing the Accountant to Deploy Cloud Accounting Software

Data security and compliance are at the top of any accountant’s list. This is probably the single, most difficult concept to address when negotiating the convergence of a cloud accounting software service. Financial professionals will be looking for a trusted environment with secure data platforms and grade A certifications. That’s where vendors like NetSuite Financials come into play.