Forget the Software - Go For Web ERP

You’re tired of disparate systems managing your business processes and you need a centralized approach to your data. You know a full, on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution could solve this problem, but you also know such a move is an expansive one. Have you considered the potential in web ERP?

Leveraging solutions throughout Software as a Service (SaaS) or hosted delivery models can eliminate much of the upfront cost demanded of an on-premise implementation, while also giving you better access to enhanced functionality. Take a look at the benefits of web ERP to see if it will work for your company.

The Cost Structure of Web ERP

Web ERP offers a low-cost, subscription approach to managing your enterprise processes. This delivery model allows you to pay only for what you use and not for the full solution implementation that may require infrastructure build-outs, software licensing and hardware implementations. If your company has a tight cash flow and significant upfront capital outlays are a challenge, web ERP offers a cost structure that eliminates the costly implementation and falls under your current operating expenses. You can easily make this implementation without your own in-house IT support, although a consultant may be a wise choice to assist in the process.

Web ERP Helps Protect Your Network

As much as you rely on your web connections to support your business initiatives, this still presents a risk for your network and your operations. Web ERP can help you battle these risks and help you control the cost of security and maintenance of the network. Web ERP applications extend the most up-to-date technologies that enable you to effectively battle spam and malware attacks and malicious attempts by hackers as this protection is provided on the host servers to extend this protection to your organization. Your web ERP provider will push out the latest innovations and technologies to you in real-time so you always have the latest capabilities in place.

Web ERP Frees Up Resources for Other Initiatives

The resources necessary to enable you to effectively manage your data can be significant. With web ERP options, you make these resources available to expand your customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and other higher value activities that drive increased revenue and profit opportunities for your company. Improved customer service initiatives can increase loyalty and drive your market share while your web ERP solution integrates your data and streamlines your processes for maximum efficiency. It can also allow you to take a multi-tiered approach to your ERP implementation, leveraging key capabilities in different divisions that meet the needs of those divisions.

Increased Capabilities with Web ERP

The mere cost of traditional ERP solutions can limit the capabilities you can implement within your environment. A focus on your core needs will take priority and if your resources are exhausted before you can extend functionality, you could end up with a severely limited ERP platform. Web ERP eliminates this issue, allowing you to access any functionality necessary to meet your needs and eliminating those that deliver no value. This more focused approach to value-based capabilities allows you to directly tie your ERP functionality to your needs to immediately measure your return on investment.