4 Key Features of a Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software impacts your organization along every step of the production process, delivering specific benefits and advantages in the moment and as your business’ long-term goals are realized. Supply chain management software is built to automate key processes that reduce wasted material, allow products to be finished on time and maintain enough materials and parts needed for ongoing support. The overall outcome includes better use of precious real estate resources and less storage-related expenditures.

Supply Chain Management Software Geared Toward Multi-Taskers

According to AMR research, most manufacturers in America are true multi-taskers, managing around 30 partner contracts while simultaneously staying ahead of unique customer demands. With supply chain management software, you can achieve the utmost in efficiency from your multiple supply chain relationships – an outcome based on specific, core features like tools for inventory and order management, logistics, forecasting and planning. These features can be available as distinct modules or applications, custom-built to deliver functionality.

Supply Chain Management Software Is Built for Multiple-Site Order Management

Order management is the key in retaining valuable supplier and customer relationships, and supply chain management software delivers. Look for a product that speeds up the order-to-delivery process and provides easy opportunities for scheduling deliveries based on precise demand, enabling you to achieve critical up-to-the-minute product configurations. Within the order tracking process, your software should help you easily view and manage the status of multiple production sites, suppliers and numerous distributors – thus giving you more room to manage your overall mission and remedy problems early on. Use tools like online purchase ordering instead of paper systems, and give your partners and vendors the ability to log in and access logistical and ordering information, as well as their histories, at the touch of a button.

Logistics Made Better with Supply Chain Management Software

Complexity is commonplace as you grow your national or global supply chain presence. Software that brings together the activities of several warehousing centers, production channels and partners brings this complexity down to a level in which you can dynamically react to customer needs. Without supply chain management software, you’d be left to configure custom deliveries, product storage and distribution in a complicated, fast environment manually or in several non-collaborative databases, dramatically impacting your ability to retain your competitive presence. Additionally, the software is built to reduce critical delays that can compromise long-time relationships and lead to overdue shipments, production-line stoppages or logistical mistakes along your distribution routes.

Supply Chain Management Software Simplifies Forecasting and Planning