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What is ERP II?

Asked by carol sweeney on December 17, 2008 - 10:03am
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ERP ii is an extension of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) paradigm into the enxtended supply chain. ERP ii applications move toward the borderless enterprise by extending the corporate supply chain into the vendor space and general marketplace.

Likewise ERP iii, which is just now emerging, extends the ERP ii enterprise into the extended customer marketplace with a clear emphasis on customer interactions.

ERP applications focus on "back office" operational excellence type value propositions. ERP ii applications extend the enterprise and focus more on the innovation value proposition. They engage in external or "ad hoc" collaboration into the extended supply chain. ERP iii enterprises focus on the customer as the key business value proposition and engage directly in the marketplace where customers interact.

After doing ERP projects (SAP in particular) since 1994 I have based this on both the current and emerging trends I see as well as on a significant amount of the academic research.

Please see the entire detailed explanation, including all citations, references, and further insight at:

ERP vs. ERP II vs. ERP III Future Enterprise Applications

Bill Wood - President
ERP from the customer perspective...

Answered by b wood on December 5, 2010 - 1:45pm

ERP II is regarded as the “next generation” of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and offers several advantages over traditional ERP systems. ERP systems have historically been mostly limited to the manufacturing sector, primarily serving logistics, supply chain, and warehousing functions.

ERP II expands the scope of ERP to offer solutions for a broader range of industries and sectors.

An ERP II solution offers greater flexibility in the integration of functions between departments and even industries. And, generally speaking, an ERP II system is a much more “Web-friendly” application that makes better use of the Internet, especially as a means for support. ERP II encourages user participation, facilitating interaction between customers and vendors, which effectively eliminates the difficulties that resulted from limited communication.

Answered by martin rosenberg on February 11, 2009 - 10:49am